The Amazing Race, Andy and Tommy The Amazing Race, Andy and Tommy

After dominating The Amazing Race this season — winning six legs — Andy Finch and Tommy Czeschin seemed like locks for the final. But taxi luck reared its head again: As they squandered their huge lead, the cab drivers of the other three teams chatted and drove them all to the Pit Stop, ensuring that the former Olympic snowboarders will get the boot — with the dubious honor of having the highest average placement at elimination in all 19 seasons, natch. "It was definitely ironic that our lead ended up hurting us," Tommy tells "But it's true reality. Those guys were just in the right place at the right time with the right taxi drivers, and we weren't." See what else they have to say about their surprising elimination, if they got their Mustangs yet, and which team they want to race against.

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You obviously were unaware of the group taxi driver group discussion. What was your reaction when you saw it last night?
It was crazy watching the show last night. We weren't the only ones to not figure it out off the bat. It made us feel a little better about not getting the clue the first time. Our driver was just not in the loop.

Some fans think it's not fair that two teams made the final on luck, but taxi luck has always been part of the race.
Yeah, taxi luck is a huge part of the race! Going into it, we knew that some taxis were better than others and that could be the end of you. In this case, it was. We told our guy to go to Balboa, and we passed through Balboa and he took us to the Panama Canal. I don't know why! [Laughs] I guess he thought we were tourists. We couldn't really communicate with him. We were just like, "I guess we got to see the Panama Canal. That's cool." I think what's really neat about this show is it shows how people deal with life. Life isn't always fair. We all know people who've had cancer and it's not fair when people get cancer. It's silly to compare that, but it's life and you've got to deal with it. ... Those teams got some extra information and took it. Good for them. We would've done the same thing if we were in the group of taxis and we didn't know where we were going. Some people might think they cheated, but they didn't do anything wrong. They followed the rules. There's nothing in the clue about the taxis talking.

Why didn't you ask your cabbie to go back to the square when you saw that you were passing Balboa?
We trusted our taxi driver a little too much. He was super confident that he was going to take us where we wanted to go. But that guy had no idea. [Laughs] There was a lot lost in translation. There were times where we had taxi drivers and we didn't trust them enough. You just don't know.

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