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Bad taxi luck struck again on The Amazing Race — this time eliminating Andie DeKroon, 43, and the daughter she put up for adoption and is getting to know, Jenna Sykes. "It did stink because we all left the airport at the same time. We got in the cab, I had a map and said, 'This is where we're going,'" Jenna, 21, tells "He took us in a complete circle the wrong way." It only got worse as two more cab drivers let them astray later in the leg in Accra, Ghana, ending their Race experience, which the duo was using to get to know each other. But why was the show of all things the "perfect way" for them to bond? Did you know you were last when you got to the Pit Stop?
Yes, Jenna had counted the coffins when we were bringing ours up the stairs. She had the presence of mind to count them and said, "Uh oh." So we kind of knew.

Amazing Race's Ron and Tony: Getting lost "felt like a nightmare that wouldn't end" Did you see any teams ahead of you?
We only saw one team — Nat and Kat — doing their coffin challenge. We saw them when we first got there. So we actually thought we were in a race with them to get the last spot. We pretty much knew, since no one else was around, that we had to have been the last two teams coming in.
Andie: Then our cab driver who took us all the way to the other side of the city — literally. It had taken so long that we knew we weren't going to make it in time.
Jenna: I heard it was really close between us and Gary and Mallory, like really close. Was it discouraging knowing that you did well on the tasks but fell victim — multiple times — to something that's out of your hands: taxi drivers?
Yeah, it was disappointing. I don't know if [our first driver] was lost or if he was trying to get us to stay in the cab longer so we had to pay more, but we ended up getting to the park last. ... I made up some time later [at the Roadblock], but then we got another bad cab driver and it was awful! He took us even more out of the way. At least we can be proud of ourselves for doing the best we could and not doing any mistakes that we would look at and say, "Oh, I wish I did this better." Did you consider changing taxis?
We did! [Laughs] You don't see that, but we did. He was great. He drove through the middle of traffic to try to get us to the mat, but it was too late. His name was Gideon — I'll never forget him. He was so nice and he really tried.
Jenna: We were doing the same thing as [Nat and Kat's and Connor and Jonathan's cabs]! We were blaring our horn and racing down the middle of traffic as well. He's why we were close to Gary and Mallory.

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