<EM>Smallville</EM>'s Tom Welling and Allison Mack Smallville's Tom Welling and Allison Mack

In Part 1 of TVGuide.com's "You Asked for It" Q&A with Allison Mack, the Smallville star weighed in on her supporters' mind-bending "Chlois" theory, as well as her absence from the CW network's fall ad campaign. Here, your patience in waiting for Part 2 is rewarded with Mack's take on The Kiss, the "new" Clark, and the A-list beauty she thinks is supercool.

TVGuide.com: Let's talk about The Kiss, the scorching lip-lock Chloe planted on Clark in the season finale. Do they talk about it as the new season begins [on Sept. 28]?
Allison Mack: It's mentioned in the first episode, but Chloe is pretty determined to not be in a relationship with Clark right now, just because of the dynamic of their friendship. If they tried to mix romance in with all of the other heaviness that they have going on in their relationship, it wouldn't be sustainable.

TVGuide.com: So is there awkwardness? Does anyone go back for seconds?
Mack: No, no, no one goes back for seconds. [Laughs] There definitely is, though, an awkwardness to their relationship for quite some time after but it's just on one side.

TVGuide.com: Are you and Tom Welling like, "Why do they tease the fans so, with these annual kisses?"
Mack: Oh, I think we know why they do it! [Laughs] It's exciting to see things like that happen.

TVGuide.com: From Chloe's perspective, what sort of changes do we see in Clark when he returns from the Phantom Zone?
He's got a different sense of responsibility now because he opened up a portal to this whole other world when he came back. So he's dealing not only with the fact that he was part of the meteor shower, but also the fact that some sort of really bad people from other worlds are now coming to Earth and trying to take over, all because of him. There's this huge sense of guilt riding on him. He's also growing up, getting more powers and discovering more abilities.

TVGuide.com: So Chloe's role as his confidante must become even more important.
Huge. We always have our three or four scenes in the "Daily Planet," sort of wrapping up what's happened in the episode.

TVGuide.com: Obviously a lot of fans think you're cool. But who does Allison Mack think is cool?
Mack: Angelina Jolie.

TVGuide.com: Why? I'm not arguing, but very much nodding in agreement.
Mack: Because of all the work she does with the U.N. and with children, and the fact that she donates 30 percent of her income to charity. I think she's fabulous, a wonderful example for women.

TVGuide.com: And a wonderful example of a celebrity who uses their exposure for things that matter, rather than just blatant self-promotion.
Mack: Exactly. She's intelligent, and she does what she wants to do. She's very inspiring.

TVGuide.com: Do you have any other projects in the works?
Mack: No, actually, I pretty much have time to just do [Smallville]. Maybe next year I'll have something, but right now we just got back, so there's no time to work on anything else.

TVGuide.com: Do you get wooed for the typical horror movies, like the rest of the ol' WB/UPN crowd?
Mack: Yeah, I've gone through the horror-films thing, but I'm sort of staving that off and waiting for something really great.

TVGuide.com: Tell the truth: You're just not a good screamer, are you?
Mack: You're right, that's totally what it is.

TVGuide.com: Before we go, any last words for the Chlark fans out there?
Mack: I just so appreciate the support!

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