Could there be traces of killer drugs in your dinner? Clueless star and die-hard vegan Alicia Silverstone seems to think so.

"When you eat a piece of meat or a piece of chicken, you're actually eating euthanization drugs," the 23-year-old actress tells TV Guide Online. "They take all the dogs and cats that are euthanized in the pound and they take all the roadkill ? you know, like animals that get killed in the road ? and they grind them all up ? even the cows that are deemed unfit for human consumption ? and they're all ground up and fed back to cows and chickens and turkeys and pigs."

Silverstone, who stars opposite Kenneth Branagh in the movie-musical adaptation of Shakespeare's Love's Labours Lost, gets downright preachy when it comes to promoting the vegan lifestyle. The actress, whose tight-fitting Batgirl outfit in Batman and Robin prompted some of the crueler tabloids to label her "Fatgirl" back in 1997, says she's become a new person since she stopped eating meat and drinking dairy products two years ago.

"What happened when I stopped was my skin became, like, completely glowy," she says. "I lost all this weight. I started pooping right!

"Once you know where milk comes from, you will not want to eat it," she adds. "I mean, it's like pure mucus. It's just creepy. No other species drinks milk from any other species. It's completely mental. Do you know what I mean? Little baby calves, once they grow up they stop drinking their mother's milk, just like we stop. You would never go drink your mom's milk now, it wouldn't happen. And then when you watch the process of how they actually get it, and what it actually is, and how torturous it is; veal exists as a result of milk. That made it so easy for me to stop."