Felicity's Greg Grunberg — who has been juggling his role as madcap inventor Sean on the WB drama with a recurring gig as a wisecracking CIA agent on ABC's Alias — insists that Keri Russell and co. are not bitter that he was chosen to make the jump to the acclaimed spy caper and not them.

"So far, they've been really great," Grunberg winks to TV Guide Online. Besides, he adds, "you can't have more than one [Felicity castmember] on Alias. It gets weird."

Grunberg confesses that his friendship with J.J. Abrams — the creative force behind both shows — likely gave him the edge over his co-stars. "I've known J.J. my whole life," he says, "so I'm sure that had a lot to do with it."

The actor's side job at ABC also has caused little — if any — friction between him and his WB bosses, although he did have to make one small concession. "You'll notice that I don't get any on-screen credit [on Alias]," he points out. "It's sort of like a cool cameo that I'm doing."