Sark's back! He strutted in with an American accent and an attitude to go along with it. I can't blame Rachel for being easily charmed by this wickedly wonderful bad boy I would be, too. Especially since Mr. Grace is being all business as usual. Loved Sark's dig at Sydney and Co. with his comments about how he tried to work a regular job, but he didn't like the steady gig and he preferred being freelance. Fun. I've missed the sweet-talker who managed to fill his vocab with sexual innuendo even while tied to a bomb. And who smugly inquired as to whether he and Rachel could be friends after she threatened him. Can't blame a guy for trying, even if she did take him down with her cuddling comment. We need more of this fun banter. Bring him back for more please pretty please! I was pretty impressed with today's missing gadget du jour, though the whole Prophet Five thing is not quite as compelling as the Rambaldi-related stuff. But that big Micro pulse bomb that could neatly cremate people without doing any damage to the surrounding area was pretty damn creepy. And can I just say again for the record how nice it is to have Alias back, and paired with

Lost? I know it is just temporary and I'm trying not to get to comfortable with it, but it is a nice holiday treat. Oh, and did anyone else ever think they'd hear Jack Bristow utter the word "thong"?