I am so far from being a world traveler, but I was a bit confused that the mission that Syd and Co. went on was to Bombay.... I thought that city was Mumbai now. I double-checked online and it seems as though that is indeed the case  thank goodness for

The Amazing Race. It keeps me up on geography. Doesn't really matter, as Syd was up to her usual tricks using her pregnancy to get access to a private office and speaking off-the-cuff in another language. I'd never be able to do that! Then she finally gets down to mentoring Rachel and teaching her how to wear wigs and skimpy outfits and go all crazy on people. (Thought if I had to hear one more time about how Vaughn helped her in the same way) Rachel was a little apprehensive about the whole sexy-spy gig, but she took a deep breath and said, "I'm going to put on my strappy shoes and teeny dress and I'm going to try." Thatta girl. And we had a bit of a fight going on out on the oil rig. Finally, some action on this show! I really just want to see Rachel and Grace together out in the field. There are some sexy undertones going on with him giving her lessons on fighting dirty, and paired up that could really be some fun. The other two that I'd like to see come to blows are Dean and Sloane. These two powerhouses are forces to be reckoned with. Just wondering what exactly Dean's got planned for Nadia, and whether Sloane will let anything happen to his comatose daughter. Best line of the night was Rachel telling Syd, "Your father is kind of scary." And Syd's quippy response, "Tell me about it." Between that, the fighting and Marshall asking about the spork, I actually remembered again why I liked this show in the first place.