Ali Fedotowsky Ali Fedotowsky

The Bachelorette Season 6's Ali Fedotowsky posted on Facebook that she was admitted to the ER after falling out of a kayak without a helmet. She received staples in her head, as a result, but maybe that wasn't the worst of it. "I think I freaked out more when the doctor cut my hair rather than when he put staples into my head. LOL," she wrote.

You can tell she's in good spirits, though, by the LOL and the emoticons that followed: "When it first happened, I've never seen Roberto [Martinez] so scared. He took such great care of me and got me to the hospital :) Very thankful to be ok :)" She also said on Twitter that she is already back at work.

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Fedotowsky also reports that The Bachelor's Jason Mesnick and his wife Molly sent her a get-well fruit basket. In response, she wrote that the couple consists of "two of the most wonderful people I have ever met."

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