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Jack Donaghy may be trying to "tank" NBC on 30 Rock, but his real-life alter ego Alec Baldwin says he's trying to do the opposite.

"I offered NBC to cut my pay 20% in order to have a full 7th and 8th seasons of 30 Rock. I realize times have changed," the actor tweeted Thursday, ahead of the show's final season premiere.

Alec Baldwin prepares to say goodbye to 30 Rock

As recently as last year, Baldwin has expressed his desire to move on from 30 Rock, before signing on for a seventh season in January. In May, NBC renewed the show for a shortened 13-episode final season.

Baldwin, who has received Emmy, Golden Globe and SAG awards for his portrayal of NBC boss Jack on the show, recently told TV Guide Magazine that he had "very mixed feelings" about the show ending and insisted, " I'll also never have as good a job as this — ever."

Neither NBC nor 30 Rock star/creator Tina Fey has commented on his tweet, although Fey told Entertainment Weekly recently: "Not a day goes by that he doesn't go around to the crew and agitate for a Season 8: 'You've gotta change your minds!'"

For her part, Fey doesn't seem to be on board for extra seasons.

"It's like, 'It's not really up to me — and also, no,'" she told EW.

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