Alec Baldwin and live television on NBC are becoming quite the thing now.

Following his pouty-faced, Emmy-nominated turn as President Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live, Baldwin has joined NBC's upcoming live production of A Few Good Men, the network announced Monday, marking the first major casting for the event.

Baldwin will of course play the role of Col. Nathan Jessup, the surly military man made famous by Jack Nicholson's performance in the 1992 film. How much do you want to bet that Baldwin is practicing shouting "You can't handle the truth!" into the mirror right now?

A Few Good Men is best known for its feature film adaptation, but it started as a 1989 Broadway play. Aaron Sorkin, the man behind The Newsroom and The West Wing, wrote the play and film, and will also write NBC's live version. Live productions are trendy for networks, but this is the rare case of one being a non-musical.

Alec Baldwin changes his mind, says he's not finished with his SNL Trump

Baldwin and NBC go way back. The actor starred on the NBC satire 30 Rock, as everyone knows, but he actually started his acting career on NBC's The Doctors back in 1980. He also currently hosts ABC's The Match Game, for which he received an Emmy nomination for host, and has discussed returning to Saturday Night Live to continue his Trump impression after saying he was retiring it.

A Few Good Men will air live sometime in the second half of 2018.