Lifetime Live's Deborah Roberts may be having second thoughts about allowing her

Today show hubby, Al Roker, bare so much of their personal lives in his best-selling book, Don't Make Me Stop This Car.

"I was very, very, very exposed and I felt sort of strange telling the world about my efforts to have a baby and about my miscarriage," Roberts tells the TV Guide Channel. "I actually wanted to take the marker and take a lot more out... because I am not accustomed to that."

Roberts confesses that it was "painful" including such private details in the book, and that she only agreed to do so after some coaxing by her hubby. "He was able to convince me that it was important to him because it's part of his story as well, and that he thought it would inspire other people... maybe help other people who might be going through similar things," she says. "So he was able to convince me that it was important to take a gamble and share a little bit more of our lives; and so we did."

The veteran news anchor, who moonlights as a 20/20 correspondent, admits she was surprisingly candid when Roker stopped by to promote the book on her chatty Lifetime talk show. "We were talking about us and our child rearing and our marriage," she recalls, adding, "a little bit more about me is coming out and I'm having to sort of get comfortable with that. I've always strived in my career to be very objective. It's sort of different for me suddenly putting myself into the show a bit."