Yes, Leonardo DiCaprio is 25 years old and can legally knock back a few brewskis, but a majority of Americans say the baby-faced actor is the celebrity of drinking age most likely to be asked for ID when buying alcohol.

A recent study by Anheuser-Busch indicates that 86 percent of Americans believe that ID-checking is an excellent or good way to reduce underage drinking, and 55 percent of those polled think Leo is the celebrity most likely to be carded. Runners-up included Will Smith, Winona Ryder and Gwyneth Paltrow. Will Smith? The man is 32 years old!

The poll, conducted by the Data Development Corporation, reveals that it's not unusual for folks in their 30s to be carded, though. Nine in 10 young adults (ages 21 to 39) say they have been carded when buying alcohol, meaning that bartenders and shopkeepers are doing their part to prevent underage drinking.

The best part of checking someone's ID, however, is that you're able to ascertain someone's true age! Thirty percent of those polled want to check Cher's ID to learn her true age (she claims to be 54), followed by Dick Clark (19 percent), Raquel Welch (15 percent), Zsa Zsa Gabor (15 percent) and Paul Newman (8 percent). Doesn't anyone want to see Susan Lucci's ID?