Why in the world is CBS canceling the critically beloved sci-fi drama Now and Again? That's what the fans want to know!

On Tuesday, fans of the show sent thousands of letters to CBS protesting the absence of the series from the network's fall lineup. "Many people loved this show," says campaign spokesperson Amanda Ohlin. "We have list members who found as many as 50 people who were interested in writing letters because they enjoyed the show so much. It's unconscionable to cancel a show that has this kind of support."

Originally labeled as a hit for CBS, Now and Again won critical acclaim for its unique blend of action, adventure and romance; it also appealed to a younger generation, something the Tiffany Network has been hard-pressed to do. "There's finally something cool for people my age to watch," Heather Matarazzo, the show's 17-year-old co-star, told TV Guide recently. "Diagnosis Murder just wasn't cutting it."

"Our members are committed to seeing this show renewed," says Ohlin. "And more are joining the effort all the time. Since the show was canceled, almost 100 people have joined the list. Dozens more have pledged to write letters." According to Julie Johnson, a spokesperson who is rallying support on the Internet, CBS has not yet responded to the campaign.

"Quality television shows like this don't come along that often," Ohlin adds. "Networks may not know this, but fans do. They're not about to let a good show go so easily."