Ben Affleck made a surprise Election Day appearance on the politically charged Rosie O'Donnell Show this morning to urge viewers to get out and vote. The star of the upcoming romantic drama

Bounce went on to say that he was voting for Democrat Al Gore for president because "I think my Al Gore imitation is better than my George W. Bush imitation." Meanwhile, Warner Bros. is denying reports that it initially balked at O'Donnell's decision to air a clip of Barbra Streisand delivering a pro-Gore speech on yesterday's show. The outspoken Democrat reportedly threatened to quit if the studio pulled the speech. "Warner Bros. and Telepictures have, and always will, support Rosie in her desire to voice her opinion on her show," the studio said in a statement. "Since Barbra Streisand's political comments are in an episode airing the day before the election, we felt we had an obligation to notify our stations of the political material that was in the show and that we had checked with our counsel to ensure there were no legal equal time issues."