Robin Roberts by Donna Svennevik/ABC Robin Roberts by Donna Svennevik/ABC

After announcing on July 31 that she has breast cancer, Good Morning America anchor Robin Roberts has undergone a successful surgery.

"She has already left the hospital and is home resting. The tests following her surgery take some time to process, so when we have more information, we will update you. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers for Robin at this time," said Good Morning America spokeswoman Bridgette Maney in a statement.

Prompted by the passing of her close friend GMA film critic Joel Siegel - who lost his battle with colon cancer on June 29, 2007 - Roberts visited her doctor after discovering a lump during a self-exam and learned she was in the early stages of breast cancer. She warned viewers that they will "probably notice that I will have my good days and bad days," ABC reports. But an early diagnosis is keeping her positive and urging others to be aware. "I can't stress enough how important it is to get screened and checked for all cancers." - Reporting by Marissa Klein and Megan Cherkezian