Nathan Fillion Nathan Fillion

Full disclosure: We love Nathan Fillion. We're dying for him to get a vehicle that allows his talent, charm and wit to shine.

Fillion first caught our attention on the short-lived but much-loved Firefly, where he played the dashing and loyal Captain Mal. And even though we loved seeing him on Wisteria Lane as Dr. Mayfair, we were much more excited to hear that he'd have his own show on ABC, called Castle. The previews were cute, kinda like Bones and Moonlighting squished together, and we could tell the show would have a procedural structure but a light and comedic tone. Could this finally be the Fillion vehicle we were hoping for?

Well, we watched the show, and like most pilots, it had some flaws. But, the jury's still out on Castle. So, we turn to you, mighty fans. What did you think of the premise, Fillion and costar Stana Katic's chemistry, and the poker party featuring other famous murder-mystery writers? Do you think Castle has what it takes to stick around past midseason? We're just dying to know.

Weigh in below!