Inhabitants of the internet were practically putting on rhinestone-encrusted jeans and popping open Sony Discmans this week in celebration of the surprise comeback of Will & Grace. All the main cast members from the beloved NBC sitcom about a quartet of crazy kidults — Eric McCormack, Debra Messing, Sean Hayes and Megan Mullally — reappeared for a short video on the original set encouraging people to vote for Hillary Clinton.

The Will & Grace cast reunited for a Hillary Clinton support video

In the nearly 10 minute sketch, it feels like no time had passed at all since the show went off the air in 2006 after eight seasons — especially since the actors look exactly the same, Will's apartment is precisely as it was and the character's traits and zingers still hold. It was so good in fact, that nostalgia-happy fans immediately began clamoring for an action reunion show, which, hey in the era of 2.0 versions of Full House, Gilmore Girls and 24 anything could happen.

So will we see another Will & Grace soon? It's actually possible!

"My response, which I've learned in the last five years, is I never say never anymore," Debra Messing told The Hollywood Reporter.

While there doesn't sound like any kind of firm plan to get this back on the air soon, there's certainly an openness on the part of the actors even if some big logistical details would have to get solved first.

"Everything has changed so much in the TV industry; there have been reboots," Messing said. "Now there are platforms where you can do six or 10 episodes. I don't believe we would ever come back to network [TV] again. I think that the logistics of all of our lives, there would just be way too many things to hammer out. But for something shorter-lived and maybe having the limitations of being on network TV lifted may give us a fun, fresh opportunity."

Eric McCormack sounded like he's up for it too, saying, "It's a never say never type of situation." So come on, Internet: let's make this happen. As we saw in the video, the set is still fully intact, so we're already a few paces ahead.