Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie presenting at the 2003 Billboard Music Awards
In what comes as a shock to many industry insiders, the Supreme Court has decided to hear the FCC's 2006 indecency suit against Fox, in what will be the Court's first such case in 30 years, Variety says.

The FCC's gripe stems from a citation it made for "fleeting expletives" uttered by Nicole Richie and Cher in separate Billboard Music Awards shows in 2002 and 2003. Fox shot back at the FCC, calling its actions "arbitrary and capricious." Fox also asserted that the "FCC's expanded enforcement of the indecency law is unconstitutional in today's diverse media marketplace where parents have access to a variety of tools to monitor their children's television viewing."

Given that the last ruling the Supreme Court made on so-called "indecency" cases was in 1978 - and technology, media (and perhaps even culture) have changed - do you think it's time for a dusting-off of policy? Or is it a good thing that this issue is being brought to the Supreme table? - Anna Dimond

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