Donald Trump by Tiffany Rose/ and Ed McMahon by Matthew Simmons/
Contrary to popular belief, there now is proof that somewhere deep down, Donald Trump is a big softee.

The real-estate tycoon-turned-media mogul announced Thursday that he would save Ed McMahon's Beverly Hills McMansion from foreclosure by buying it and leasing it to the former television host for an undisclosed amount, reports the AP.

McMahon, who had been out of work for eighteen months due to a neck injury, had been fighting foreclosure for his six-bedroom, five-bathroom, 7,000-square-foot house, after falling behind in $664,000 worth of mortgage payments.

Though The Apprentice star doesn't know McMahon personally, Trump explained that partaking this random act of kindness "would be an honor." - Gina DiNunno

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