David Hasselhoff video still courtesy Extra/Warner Bros.
While David Hasselhoff professes to be OK with the content of a video (seen here at ExtraTV.com) showing him on the floor of a hotel room, nearly incapacitated by the sauce - "part of recovery is relapse," he explains - the recovering alcoholic is pointing the finger at Pamela Bach for leaking the footage to TV and Internet outlets. The unsettling sequence, recorded by the Hoff's 16-year-old daughter with the purpose of showing Dad just how bad the bottle hits him, "was never meant to become public, but was obviously released by my estranged wife, who has her own agenda," the New York Post quotes the former Knight Rider as saying. In response, Bach's lawyer calls the accusation "kind of ridiculous."

David, Alec: technology is not your friend. Be wary of electronics!