Swingtown courtesy CBS, Mike Kelley by Jordan Strauss/WireImage.com
Swingtown creator Mike Kelley is developing BiCoastal - a new one-hour drama exploring marriage, relationships as well as sexuality.

Kelley, who formerly worked on Jericho before creating Swingtown, just signed a two-year overall deal with CBS Paramount Network TV, says The Hollywood Reporter . Under the deal, he'll be producing BiCoastal for CBS-owned Showtime along with Will & Grace star Sean Hayes' Hazy Mills Prods.

The show will be about a successful family man who struggles to deal with family life (with his wife and kids) in Los Angeles as he falls in love with a man in New York.

"It has a lot of the watermarks of things I love to write about - people with secrets and high-stakes love lives," Kelley told The Reporter. He also said that compared to Swingtown, that he wanted to "a bit of a harder edge." Insert naughty sex joke here. Erin Fox