Yes, the movie posters for Made (opening Friday) do scream, 'The Guys from Swingers Are Back!' But Jon Favreau and Vince Vaughn — who played the retro L.A. lounge lizards of that 1996 flick — aren't starring in Swingers 2. Seems these cool cats didn't deem a sequel a very "money" idea.

"I think people enjoyed our chemistry a lot in Swingers," Favreau says. "We're counting on people who don't just want to see me or Vince, but want to see us together [again]. The problem with a film like Swingers is... if you try to cover the same ground or do a sequel, you're going to walk into the fire — because you could never live up to that comparison. The best we could hope for was to do a movie that aspires to different things, but would be a good follow-up with similar sensibilities."

In other words, they just wanted to do another buddy movie. Made finds the duo playing two down-on-their-luck boxers who get caught up in a mob caper. Summing it up, Favreau jokes: "In Swingers, Vince was the smooth ladies' man who had everything figured out and knew how to enjoy life. This is like the other extreme of that, when the party's gone on too long and you want to go home!"

Favreau did some fist-biting when it came time for him and Vaughn — who became setside pals on 1993's Rudy — to film their combative characters' scuffling scenes. "I was so scared Vince would hit me," he laughs. "He's more of a real, trained boxer. He used to box when he was younger, so I was afraid I was going to get tagged by him. One time I popped him in the forehead — we put it in the movie, right at the beginning. But nobody got hurt."