Though shamed at her own traitorous game last week, Maralyn "Mad Dog" Hershey, the 52-year-old retired police officer from Wakefield, Va., waxed philosophical about being the third contestant voted off Survivor: The Australian Outback.

"Some may view it as poetic justice," she told The Early Show's Jane Clayson. "The Washington Post portrayed me as shooting Kel [Gleason] in the back about a week ago. So after Tina [Wesson] shot me right between the eyes, I had to give myself a little first aid, but I'm recovering."

Though stunned by Tina's vote, "Mad Dog" bears no ill will toward her "conjoined twin" for severing their outback ties and says they'll stay friends stateside. Ever blunt, she declared: "What every single person who played the game and is still playing the game has got to remember, once they're no longer playing the game, [is] that it was a game. You cannot take what happened to heart."

Still, the formidable lady can't help but smart a bit at being strategically cut off at the pass by her competition. "I had plans of forming an alliance," she chuckled, "but before one could really get going, I think the young crocks, bless them, they got their jaws into me."

Nevertheless, old "Mad Dog" remained determinedly dignified to the end. She recalls feeling distressed during "that whole beef jerky brouhaha" when her Ogakor tribemates searched Kel's bag for a stash of forbidden vittles. "That was demoralizing," she sighed. "And if that had been my bag, I would not have come back as nicely as Kel did. I would have become 'Mad Dog' unplugged and uprooted the entire encampment."

Afterward, "Mad Dog" revealed she and resident chef Keith Famie had apologized to Kel off-camera. But, she joked, "That was only after we split the beef jerky."