During her stay in Kenya, Survivor: Africa castoff Lindsey Richter, 27, had enough mood swings to make Anne Heche look sane. That's hardly an attractive quality, but she seems quite proud of herself. "I was phenomenal!" the Jerri Manthey wannabe tells TV Guide Online. "You love to hate me, admit it. I tell ya, I just don't know how fun it's going to be to watch, now that Silas and I are gone."

Well, at least he never flew into weepy, neurotic rages. Defending herself, the drama queen says: "Out of 72 hours [of footage shot] per episode, they picked my worst moments to showcase. At first, it was a stab in the heart because I came home thinking, 'I wasn't manipulative, I didn't backstab anyone, I was really nice to everyone out there... for the most part.' And then, they start showing my absolute worst moments in history. This hurts. It wasn't my most flattering side.

"Then," she adds, "I just thought, 'Hey, I'm being talked about. I'm causing a buzz. You won't forget Lindsey, will ya?'" Spoken like the publicity-loving former ad exec that she is. Even so, Lindsey claims only humble ambitions. "As you can see, I don't take criticism lightly — and I think Hollywood would rip me to shreds," she admits. "I just want to be an athlete, continue to race mountain bikes, possibly host some extreme sports show. I'm not interested in being an actress. Sports, sports, sports!"

Any chance she'll pose for Playboy? "No," she laughs. "They would only approach me, I'm sure, if I got a boob job. So I don't think they'll be knocking on my door anytime soon. If they did, I would not do anything my father couldn't look at, and I don't think he could watch me in that sort of position."

Like most of Survivor's other female rejects, she says she'd make an exception for Maxim and Stuff, deeming such men's magazines "tasteful." Contradicting herself, though, she does call their classic formula pose — where a topless woman holds an arm across her chest to obscure her nipples — "so unnatural."

Hmm... Is Lindsey insincere or just confused? As she herself admits: "I'm very real. What comes out of my mouth doesn't always ask my brain if it's okay!"