Will Spy Kids star Alan Cumming reveal any intelligence about plans for the kid flick's sequel? "No, of course not, cheeky!" he teases TV Guide Online. "Actually, [director Robert Rodriguez] hasn't written it yet. But he's got such an incredible imagination. It's really lovely."

Sounds to us like the actor's thinking of reprising his role as fiendish Fegan Floop, who tangled with good-guy spy Antonio Banderas. "Yeah, I'd like to," Cumming hedges. "Robert's told me a bit about the story, but I mean, it depends on [my] availability. There will be a new bad guy in it, so if I did anything, it would be a little cameo."

Speaking of on-screen reunions, Cumming enjoys one with fellow Josie and the Pussycats villain Parker Posey in his current film, The Anniversary Party (now playing in New York and L.A.). Though the Pussycats didn't exactly land on their feet at the box office, he recalls: "It was so good to work with Parker in Josie, because everyone else [in the cast] was about 10 years old. And she's a real laugh. She's bonkers."

Turns out, Posey wasn't the first choice of Party co-writer/directors Cumming and Jennifer Jason Leigh for her role in the angsty marital drama. "We originally asked Lisa Kudrow to play that part, but she had to pull out because of family things," Cumming explains. "Parker was fabulous and she made it her own."

Except for that unexpected recast, though, the directing duo (who also star) wrote roles specifically tailored for their Hollywood A-list pals — including Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Beals, Kevin Kline and his wife, Phoebe Cates. And while Cumming cautions that "it's a film," he suggests that "essences" of truth about the cast's real lives made it onto the reel. As he hints: "By asking our friends to be in it... they were inevitably vulnerable with us, in letting elements of themselves be used. It's quite scary, obviously." And possibly quite telling.