Ocean of Fear: Worst Shark Attack Ever by Tim Calver/Discovery Channel
It's just like the sleazy mayor in Jaws says: "You yell, 'Barracuda,' everybody says, 'Huh? What?' You yell, 'Shark,' you've got a ratings smash in the middle of summer!" Discovery Channel's Sunday-night Shark Week special, Ocean of Fear: The Worst Shark Attack Ever, brought the cabler its best numbers ever for the annual feeding frenzy. The Richard Dreyfuss-narrated Shark Attack hooked 3.9 million total viewers, way more than 2003's Anatomy of a Shark Bite (which scared up 3.2 million).

The 20th "Shark Week" runs through Saturday.

In related news, Daryl Hannah, John Schneider and Armand Assante have signed on to star in Hallmark Channel's three-hour Shark Swarm, about... oh, come on. Read the title.