James Woods by Monty Brinton/CBS, Inset: Paula Marshall by Stephen Shugerman/Getty Images
On tonight's Shark (9 pm/ET,CBS), newly disbarred L.A. prosecutor Sebastian Stark bets on finding solace in Las Vegas. However, since Stark can still practice law in Nevada, while there he agrees to defend a former client from murder charges. Feeling guilty and helping out is Paula Marshall as the ex-attorney general's office staffer who inadvertently caused Sebastian to lose his California license.

With Jeri Ryan on maternity leave, executive producer Ian Biederman says Marshall's Jordan is "much more an equal" than Ryan's Jessica, "although not as comfortable in his world." But then, Sebastian doesn't seem too comfortable right now, either. "This is him going back to defending bad guys," explains Biederman. "He realizes he can't do it anymore."

As far as the show's future is concerned, Biederman is "cautiously optimistic" that the recent switch from Sundays to Tuesdays will improve its chances. "We feel like we've earned another shot," he says. James Woods' cocky counselor would concur. - G J Donnelly