Humility, thy name is Selma Blair. Though always dressed like good girls in pearls and sweater sets, her characters are often trampy teen-movie twits. You've seen her play a ditzy society slut in Cruel Intentions and Reese Witherspoon's snooty rival in Legally Blonde. Currently, she's the raunchy roomie of Cameron Diaz in The Sweetest Thing. So, what's with all the bawdy buffoonery?

"I have so much fun doing it and I have a great time working," the 29-year-old smiles. "I've been supporting some of the greatest young actresses around. I have no problem taking the pratfall — I have no ego issues."

Well, an actress definitely needs to check her pride at the studio door to play some of Blair's Sweetest scenes. She plays randy shopgirl Jane, whose sexual mishaps include: A Monica Lewinsky-esque dry-cleaning dilemma; a changing-room romp with a man in an elephant suit; and getting caught in an extremely compromising position in her boudoir. (To say more would spoil it for gross-out fans and send gentler readers reaching for their Vicodin.)

"People get a little sick of bathroom humor, but I think this movie is rooted in something very sweet," Blair defends. "It's the friendship and support of the girls. Even this raunchy stuff is also rooted in good, old-fashioned screwball comedy. It's not just for the sake of, 'Oh, let's look at the mess on the dress. Let's see how embarrassed someone is.' It is a little more intelligent than...

"Well," she reconsiders, "intelligent might not be the right word — I think I'm pushing it there. But it was very amusing to me!"