Here's a naughty slice of Tinseltown life from Scott Caan, son of actor James Caan... Might he be following in his partying papa's footsteps?

"Human behavior is strange," Caan tells TV Guide Online. "I'm still figuring out why I do certain things — probably because of image. You know, like a part of me doesn't really like to go to parties at the Playboy Mansion and try to score trashy girls. But it's like I feel like a man if I do it, or I'm supposed to do that stuff. But it's not really what you want to do. I'm trying to live up to an image."

Cracking a smile, he slyly adds: "That's not true, I like to go home with trashy girls."

So much for true confessions. But speaking of chasing shady ladies, Caan has a twisted (albeit fun) time playing a crook with an incestuous yen for his sister — a scantily clad Helena Bonham Carter — in Novocaine (opening Friday). "We just improvised," he laughs. "If I were to sit there and think, 'Ooh, this is my sister,' maybe I wouldn't be so aggressively trying to hit on her. But this is Helena Bonham Carter! And maybe I can get a chance for a little somethin' somethin', you know?"