Zach Gilford by Virginia Sherwood/NBC Photo, Kim Dickens by Amy Graves/
There's something Friday Night Lights' Matt wants, and bad - but to get it, he'll have to go through the woman who brought him into the world. And playing the lad's long-estranged mom will be Kim Dickens, aka Deadwood's Joanie Stubbs, has learned.

To date, not much has been revealed about Matt's never-seen mom. Though he's led folks to believe she was far removed from his world, the truth is that she's been much closer - geographically - than anyone thought. That alone speaks volumes about the tension between the two when Matt comes knocking on her door with a purpose.

Dickens - who will also be familiar to Lost fans from her role as Sawyer's long con, Cassidy Phillips - first appears as Shelby Saracen in the second episode of Season 3, which kicks off Oct. 1 on DirecTV's Channel 101. - Matt Mitovich

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