Lee Pace by Michael Roberts/ABC; Anne Heche by Sergei Bachlakov/ABC
Add Pushing Daisies and Men in Trees to the list of shows preparing season finales as a result of the writers' strike.

Daisies creator extraordinaire Bryan Fuller informs me that the show's ninth episode - the last one for which a script is written - can function as a season finale in the event the strike extends into the new year and beyond.

"As we were scrambling to rewrite [Episode 9]," he reveals, "we added several elements that will put many balls into the air and hopefully encourage the audience to come back and see how they land."

Fuller confirms that production on the potential season finale got under way today, which means "our crew will now be able to work through Thanksgiving."

Over at Men in Trees, show-runner Jenny Bicks reports that prior to the strike, she prepared an alternate ending "in case the last episode we have written becomes our finale. We would be sad if this happened, but we are prepared."

As I pointed out in my handy strike chart, MIT - which came into the season with a backlog of unaired episodes - will be in the rare (and enviable) position of having nearly a season's worth of episodes in the can (19 in total) before it's forced to shut down production.

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