Saturday Night Live's Darrell Hammond and Amy Poehler as Bill and Hillary Clinton - Photo by Dana Edelson/NBC Universal Photo
Saturday Night Live returns this weekend with not only its first fresh episode since the WGA strike hit, but the first of four consecutive weeks of new programming - something that hasn't happened since 1976. Explaining his decision to veer from his own never-more-than-three-straight rule, executive producer Lorne Michaels tells the New York Daily News, "When you don't show up when you're supposed to show up, people move on. And I think that by coming back in full force, and it's still primary season, there's still a lot of excitement."

Michaels says that sitting out the major thrusts of this primary season (as well as the zany celebrity happenings SNL makes sport of spoofing), led to "frustration, occasionally turning to rage. It's the first time in the history of the show we hadn't been on during an election cycle."

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