Prince Harry, Prince William and Matt Lauer by Jeff Overs/NBC Universal Photo
This Monday's ratings bits:

" CBS' Creature Comforts delivered 4.3 million total viewers, a week-to-week drop of 370 thou.

" NBC's Age of Love debuted to 6.95 mil, landing it in third behind Men- Mother repeats and Hell's Kitchen (7.33 mil).

" ABC's Ex-Wives Club (3.81 mil) was down 320K.

" Matt Lauer's chat with princes William and Harry gave Dateline its biggest audience - 12.2 million - since January 2005. UPDATE: NBC will rebroadcast this Dateline Sunday, July 1, at 7 pm/ET.

" The Closer's Season 3 opener was watched by 8.8 million, besting the TNT hit's previous premiere and setting a new record for ad-supported cable's best delivery of all time for a series telecast.