My Dad Is Better Than Your Dad by Trae Patton/NBC Photo
Monday's numbers, faster than Lindsay can drop trou:

8 pm/ET
Deal or No Deal was the night's most-watched program, drawing 16.85 million total viewers. The Dance War finale delivered 9.14 mil over its two-hour "Announce-next-season's- Dancing-cast-already!" run. Prison Break said hasta la vista to 7.4 mil, a drop of 470 thou. Another 23 percent checked out of CBS' Captain (5.45 mil).

9 pm
NBC's My Dad Is Better Than Your Dad premiered to 9.82 million samplers. At 9.38 mil, Old Christine let slip 520K. Sarah Connor did 8.1 mil, a drop of 230 thou. The CW's Girlicious (1.77 mil) matched Girlfriends' final audience ( as well as the first four letters of its title)!

10 pm
Medium (8.45 mil) came in second behind a warmed-over CSI: Miami. October Road (4.4 mil) saw a 400K gain.