Bitsie Tulloch in Quarterlife by Elisabeth Caren/NBC Photo
Just two days after Quarterlife's creator said that moving the Internet program to TV was a bad idea, NBC has agreed with him, yanking it from its lineup after only one episode.

The twentysomethings-who-blog drama debuted on Tuesday night at 10, scoring the network's lowest ratings for that time period in 17 years. The show was co-created by TV vet Marshall Herskovitz as 28 eight-minute mini-sodes for MySpace TV, which were then repackaged to create six one-hour episodes.

NBC's Ben Silverman said that moving the show to TV was "so worth a try," but that he had hoped for higher ratings. An NBC rep said that it may move the series to Bravo later in the year. - Mickey O'Connor

" Quarterlife Creator Calls Move to Network a Mistake