Michael Lohan by Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images; Lindsay Lohan by Katy Winn/Getty Images
Michael Lohan wants to make amends with ex-wife Dina and daughter Lindsay, he told TVGuide.com.

Following the death of his father, Richard, last week, Lohan received an outpouring of support from his children and Dina, making him realize it's time to forgive and forget.

"I have an apology to make to Dina's mom and family for the same suffering I went through with my dad that they went through with hers, as well as for the suffering I caused by doing the things that led to our break-up," he said.

As for Lindsay, 22, who was not present at the weekend service, Lohan said their reported father-daughter verbal sparring was highly embellished. "By no means am I in a battle or war of words with Lindsay," he said. - Joyce Eng

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