David Anders by Justin Lubin/NBC; Thomas Gibson by Michael Desmond/CBS; Alex O' Loughlin by Cliff Lipson/CBS
Please tell me we haven't seen the last of David Anders as Adam Monroe on Heroes. - Stacie
Matt Mitovich:
No, Heroes fans have not seen the last of Anders. And that's the truth. (Now would you be so kind as to tell my sons that good things come to those who say please?)

Newly converted "vitch" here. Think you could dig up some scoop on Bones or Criminal Minds for me? - Lauren
"Vitch"? Really? Hmm. There's Bones buzz in the new Mega Minute vodcast. As for Minds, remember the SUV that went kablooey in the finale? It belonged to a main character, and he will emerge "impaired" as a result.

Have you heard anything about when BSG will return with the final episodes? Anna
The bad news: No sooner than January 2009, Ron Moore told us just last week. The good news: There is talk of getting a "bonus" 11th hour in that batch. A Sci Fi rep deftly responds, "As written by Ron, the phenomenal finale script extends beyond the time allotted for the episode. We're exploring how to shoot the extra footage as Ron has envisioned and written it."

Sci Fi and DirecTV are still in play, but apparently TNT has thrown its hat into the ring to pick up Moonlight. - Barbara
Sorry, Barbara, but apparently is the operative word. A pal at TNT assures me the network has no interest in the expired CBS series. All together now: That bites.

Any scoop on ABC Family's Wildfire? It was canceled, but fans are campaigning hard to get it back. - Laura
NGH - not gonna happen. (Yeesh, I'm bursting bubbles left and right today.)

Since we know that Chris Gorham won't be joining the Ugly Betty cast in NYC, is that it for Henry and Betty? - Teri
I direct you to the MMM for the answer to that one.

How do we know that the contestant who is "executed" on The Mole is really the one with the lowest score on the test? At least on Survivor, Jeff tallies the votes in front of everyone. And if several people have the same low score, who chooses the one to be "executed?" - Doris
Tackling your last question first, an ABC rep explains, "If there is a tie, it would be announced on the show and the person who took the quiz in the slowest time would be 'executed.'" As for revealing the actual scores, I am reminded (and now I feel dumb for "asking," thank you very much!) that to do so would risk exposing the Mole.

I'm interested in what you think about Katherine Heigl's Emmy comments. It seems that she is biting the hand that feeds her, or perhaps this is her way of getting herself kicked off the show. - Michelle
I think that Heigl really wants to be a movie star.

I heard that Charisma Carpenter is going to be on Greek in the second season. Is this another one-off, or is she going to stick around (I hope, I hope, I hope)? - Tojoson
I heard that about Charisma, too - because I posted the story myself. As for her sticking around... well, since you are her No. 2 fan (at best), I'll share a secret: It looks like she will be back after the fall premiere. And perhaps more than once.

Any idea how many episodes of Eureka we're getting this summer? Yes, 21 were ordered, but we all know how Sci Fi likes to put insane breaks in the middle of seasons. - Brynna
Insane breaks, you say? Balderdash! Now before I go, let me tell you that the summer season will serve up, um, eight episodes, starting July 29.

This Week's Mega Rave: Rather than carp on ABC's questionable scheduling decisions, I instead shall hail Men in Trees for its (albeit trunk-ated) run. Last week's series finale offered closure, sure - right down to Marin and Jack walking off into the Elmo sunset - but not every ending was a happy one, as Patrick was left to stew over his treatment of Annie. All told, the show was one great trip to Potatoville!

This Week's Mini Rant: "Angelina Jolie's Dad to Star on 24" - was that really Us Weekly's headline on the story about Academy Award-winner Jon Voight?

Reader Quote of the Week: "I will always remember Tim Russert on Election Night 2000, kicking out scenarios for electoral math so fast and in so many configurations that no computer could keep up with him. Millions of dollars are spent by the networks on graphics, and the best show in town was a very smart, enthused man with a $5 white board." ( ftzp, reflecting on Russert's passing)

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