Richard Dean Anderson and Teri Hatcher in MacGyver courtesy CBS
Today's Lunch-isode Series: MacGyver

Episode Title: Every Time She Smiles

Season: 1

Year: 1986

Why we love this episode: Simple- Teri Hatcher (in all her 80s hair glory) guest-stars as motor-mouth Penny Parker in this episode. It's almost painful to listen to here her ditzy character talk and talk and talk in that squeaky little voice. But, Mac doesn't let that stop him from helping this damsel in distress from escaping Bulgaria and her scary ex-lover. And we're really happy that Mac had a smooching scene with Teri. Seriously, he never got enough play in the show considering he's the only guy ever to get out of near death situations with only a paperclip and chewed piece of gum. Who wouldn't be all over him?

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