Vanessa Marcil, Matt Dallas and Rob Lowe
As the old year gives way to the new, TV Guide resolved to get the scoop on some celebrities' New Year's resolutions — and here is what we found out.

Rob Lowe, Brothers & Sisters
"I always make one resolution, and I haven't come up with it yet [as of early December]. Last year's was to be more aware of how I speak to people, whether it's my kids, my wife or coworkers. It's always a self-betterment thing, something that I can do to change myself in a good way, and that I will actually be able to do on a long-term basis."

Jack Coleman, Heroes
"I'm going to work on being more disciplined, because now there are a lot more demands on my time. And on getting everything done that I'm trying to get done, because there's always a lot of stuff that I'm working on. I worked until 3 in the morning last night and somehow got up at 7 to get my daughter to school. I'm a little blurry now, but that's my life."

Matt Dallas, Kyle XY
"You know what I need to do? I need to get to the gym next year. I want to start eating better, too. I want, overall, to be a little bit healthier. I want to be a little more at peace with myself. Marguerite [MacIntyre, who plays Nicole Trager on Kyle XY] made me take a few yoga classes. It centers you and puts you in a much better place. I want to take a yoga class at least a couple of times a week."

Jennifer Elise Cox, 10 Items or Less, Lovespring International
"My resolution is to get on a series that lasts more than six episodes!"

Megan Mullally
"I started eating ice cream, and I better cut that out or it is going to get ugly."

Michael Maloney, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition
"I want to do more personal travel. After crisscrossing America for the show, I want to see Australia, Europe and some accommodations more lavish than that bus."

Team Kentucky, The Amazing Race 10
Mary: "My New Year's resolution, and this time I really mean it, is to lose weight. When I found out I was going to be on the Race I only had a little time to prepare, so I went into overdrive with the exercise, and I kind of wore myself out. I don't care about being skinny; I just want to be normal me. I know that for my health and for the future and my kids, I need to lose weight and keep it off."
David: I quit smoking before I went on the Race, but since I've gotten back I might smoke 10 a day. Maybe I will completely quit now. I think that could be my resolution."

Dolly Parton
"I am like everybody — I make 'em and break 'em. I try to always say I am going to do better, try harder to be a better person, like we all do."

And last, but never least:

Vanessa Marcil, Las Vegas
"To try to love people when they are unlovable, including myself — and/or to start dating girls!"

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