There'll be more woo-woo in the Windy City in October, when UPN's sci-fi cop show, Special Unit 2, kicks off its second season. What's that? You never knew (or cared) there was a first season? You're not alone. Still, leading man Michael Landes — best known as cub reporter Jimmy Olsen from ABC's Lois &#038 Clark — is awfully cute and nice, so gaze at his pretty picture and see what he has to say for himself, why don't you?

TVGO: Special Unit 2, huh? For those who were watching the other hunks on Ed or Dawson's Creek when you were on last season, what's it all about?
Landes: It's a super-secret division of the Chicago police force that deals with paranormal, out-there beings. It's less X-Filesy and more like Men in Black or Ghostbusters. It has a sense of humor. And it's not just dealing with extraterrestrials or vampires. There's myths that you hear as a kid, like the Boogey Man... Well, we believe there really is somebody under your bed!

TVGO: Hmm... Speaking of beds, will you and your female partner (Alexondra Lee) ever couple up, &#224 la Mulder and Scully?
Landes: [Writer Evan Katz] doesn't want us to ever get together. He's compared it more to a Mel Gibson/Danny Glover in Lethal Weapon kind of relationship. But I like to toy with her. There's a flirtatious, playful, teasing kind of thing.

TVGO: Word is, you were fired from Lois &#038 Clark for looking too much like Superman Dean Cain and not nerdy enough to be Jimmy.
Landes: Yeah. That was what I was told. I did one season of 22 episodes, and I think we all looked [alike]. Dean, Teri Hatcher and even John Shea, who played Lex Luthor... we all had dark hair. It was probably a great thing to happen to me at a younger age, to learn what this business is all about. It builds your character and helps you keep your guard up, because you never know what could happen.

TVGO: On the bright side, it's quite a compliment to be dumped for being too good-looking.
Landes: [laughing] I didn't say that!

TVGO: In next year's WWII drama, Hart's War — starring Bruce Willis and Colin Farrell — you have a small role as a priest in a POW camp. Did you enjoy filming that, Padre?
Landes: It was freezing. We were in Prague, shooting at night in the mud. But it's fun when you put 30 guys together. It's kind of like camp.

TVGO: Did you toast marshmallows?
Landes: [grinning] No, no marshmallows and cookouts! But a lot of cheap laughs. Guy stuff.