Whether you caught NBC's L.A. Law during its go-go '80s heyday — or more recently in cable reruns — this burning question still flickers on: What is the Venus Butterfly?

Well, as the legal drama's fans recall, that's how nebbishy Stuart (Michael Tucker) landed lady-lawyer Ann (Jill Eikenberry) as his bride. "There was an episode where a bigamist had been married 11 times without ever getting divorced," Eikenberry recalls to TV Guide Online. "All these gorgeous women, and he was a small, not very interesting-looking guy. Stuart was defending him and visited him in prison to ask, 'What is your secret?'"

Turns out, the convict knew the ultimate woman-pleasuring method! No, it wasn't chocolate. Hmm... or was it? "He whispered it to Stuart, so we didn't hear it," the actress says. "Cut to us in bed at a hotel — we were still courting at the time on the show — and we've just finished. I said, 'Oh my god, what was that?' and I went on and on about it. He said, 'The Venus Butterfly.' So I said, 'Could we possibly do it again?' And then, he picked up the phone for room service... and the scene ends. So we think it has something to do with room service!"

"But I'll tell you," she laughs, "I think the Venus Butterfly was responsible for catapulting L.A. Law into the top ten. After all these years, people always ask that question!" Might they finally reveal the answer in L.A. Law: Return to Justice, NBC's reunion movie due out during May sweeps? "Our writer said he would revisit the script to see if there was a place for it," she says, "but I don't think so. The more it's kept secret, the more mystique builds around it."

As for Tucker — who's been married to Eikenberry in real life for 29 years — he's pleasantly perplexed, too. "After the show, we went off to discover what the Venus Butterfly is, and we're still working on it," he smiles. "It's a lifetime proposition."