The current disgrace in the Roman Catholic church couldn't have arisen at a worse time for Jodie Foster. Although The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys — her new indie debuting June 14 — has nothing to do with child-molesting clergy, its title does ring an unfortunate note just now.

"That was the title of the book [the movie is based on], which is a cult classic," Foster tells TV Guide Online. "A lot of people really love [author] Chris Fuhrman — he died shortly after writing the book and we would never consider changing the title. I really hope people don't come to the movie thinking it's about pederasty or avoid the movie because [of that].

"But it is an interesting time for the Catholic church," the Panic Room star muses. "Honestly, five years ago, if you'd said to me, 'You know, there's molestation in the Catholic church,' I would have said, 'Yeah? Like we don't know that?!'

"So, I'm a little confused — not that people are shocked, but the level of surprise is really, really confusing to me. The scandal would not keep me from seeing this movie."

What is Altar Boys about? Set in the '70s, this Stand by Me-ish coming-of-age tale stars Foster as Sister Assumpta — a one-legged nun who keeps stern watch over her rambunctious young charges, including Kieran Culkin and Stepmom's Jena Malone. She laughs that a tough nun "is just something I'd never played before and I thought it was good casting. I'm so not who you would think of, being small and kind of frail-looking and youngish. But I think that's always a good departure."