Linda Ellerbee courtesy Nickelodeon, Jamie Lynn Spears by Steve Granitz/
I'd venture to say no one "expected" this. Nickelodeon is talking with veteran newswoman Linda Ellerbee about fronting a TV special that will cover for the tween and teen crowd such topics as love and sex, as a means of addressing the pregnancy of Zoey 101's 16-year-old star, Jamie Lynn Spears. In the past, Ellerbee has overseen Nick News programs about same-sex parents, AIDS, Columbine and President Clinton's impeachment scandal.

"I think it's important that something be done," Ellerbee tells the Associated Press. "But I think it's important that it be done in a measured way, and not just to feed the beast of news stories."

A Nick rep confirms for the AP the discussions, but says no decision on the special has been made.

What's your take? Shrewd move? Ratings grab? Are you scared one segment might involve Ellerbee, a banana and a Trojan?

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