Gov. Arnold Schwarzeneger and John Walsh by Steve Jennings/Fox
America's most buff and tough governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, will become just the latest politician to take to the airwaves, when he joins America's Most Wanted's John Walsh for a special episode. On the upcoming show (April 26, 9 pm/ET on Fox), Schwarzenegger meets Walsh at a DNA testing lab in Sacramento to discuss expanding law enforcement's authority to take DNA samples from criminal suspects.

The Governator was a proponent of a California proposition that mandates DNA testing for felony suspects, not just convicted criminals, but it's one of only a handful of states with such a law. Walsh is calling for all states follow suit, asserting that the testing not only helps solve crimes, but also free the innocent.

Is Schwarzenegger mixing entertainment and politics too closely, or the AMW a good place for him to discuss relevant issues? - Anna Dimond

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