Cee-Lo and deejay Danger Mouse of Gnarls Barkley by Jamie McCarthy/WireImage.com
MTV has announced that it will not play the video for "Run," the first single from Gnarls Barkley's new album. (Wait, MTV plays music videos? When?)

Gnarls, the odd collaboration of hip-hop singer Cee-Lo and deejay Danger Mouse that yielded the sleeper hit "Crazy," is known for their wacky costumes and innovative music videos. But it turns out that this clever clip has been banned from the airwaves for failing the Harding Test, which measures whether video images will trigger epileptic seizures. (So watch at your own risk!)

The video features Justin Timberlake as the host of an early-'90s, Yo! MTV Raps-style program called City Vibin, but about two minutes in, the clip is overtaken by some psychedelic, op-art imagery that apparently makes some people's cabezas go all woo-woo. On the upside: The retro duo's new jam is crazy-fresh. You heard it here second!

Gnarls' new album, The Odd Couple, drops on April 8. - Mickey O'Connor