Young Hollywood indulged its passion for video games Wednesday night at Sony's launch party for the highly anticipated Playstation 2 system. Purple-wigged, silver-skirted go-go girls mingled about the high-tech bash, where guests played radical new releases on 10-foot TV screens and sipped their drink of choice: scarlet-red rum-punch slushies.

The gaming glitterati — who included Robert Downey Jr., Ryan Phillippe and Jim Carrey — also waded through lots of eerie, billowing smoke. "It's for atmosphere," offered Buffy the Vampire Slayer's James Marsters. "I'm used to it, since I go up on fire occasionally, when [my character] Spike gets into the sunshine."

Before heading off to play a guitar gig at The Opium Den, Marsters revealed that many stars are closet video-game addicts. "Dealing with downtime is a brutal fact of life as an actor," he grins. "So I'm a 'videoholic.' On Playstation, I play Gran Turismo, a hyper-realistic racing game. I also like Wu Tang: Shaolin Style and Die Hard Trilogy for good violence. And I'm embarrassed to say I'm into Star Wars Jedi power battles, in which you get to whack things with your light saber!"

Bride of Chucky star and occasional drag queen Alexis Arquette took a fuzzy fashion risk. "Carmen Electra and I are both wearing furs tonight," he said. "Hers is faux fur; mine is real rabbit. PETA is going to come after me, but hey, there's so many other things going on in the world. Stop it! Animals need help and stuff, but please. This rabbit was killed in the '70s, and somebody enjoyed that meal long ago."

Like a few other sneaky stars, Arquette shares, "I love that my sister Patricia got here, got her free Playstation for showing up, then about-faced and left. Go on, girl! Anyway, this whole upgrading thing is really pissing me off. Stop it! Home-entertainment systems should not be like Scream sequels." (Even so, the raunchy raconteur admitted he loves playing Parasite Eve, Nightmare Creatures and "anything creepy and goth.")

Also seen on the scene was dark-haired cutie Alex Greenwald, who co-stars with Drew Barrymore and Patrick Swayze in the upcoming film Donnie Darko. Greenwald — best known from the "Mellow Yellow" Gap ads — dressed in '80s retro duds, alongside his pal Mickey Madden of the boy band Kara's Flowers. The usual soap hunks included Passions's Jesse Metcalfe as well as David Tom and David Lago of The Young & The Restless. Speaking of sudsers, we also spotted handsome ex-As The World Turns star Alex Walters braving the SAG strike by serving up apple martinis at the bar. We're pulling for you, Alex!