Janine Turner by Jim Spellman/WireImage.com; D.W. Moffett courtesy The CW
Friday Night Lights not only has a new first-broadcast home (on DirecTV's Channel 101), it also will feature a few new faces when it returns in the fall.

Janine Turner (of Northern Exposure and strategically placed beauty mark fame) and D.W. Moffett ( Life Is Wild, Hidden Palms) have been cast in the recurring roles of Katie and Joe McCoy.

The affluent McCoys move to Dillon from Dallas, with their (as-yet-uncast) teen son in tow. The kid, you see, is a high school freshman with mad football skills who will be fancied by many as the new Jason Street. That, as you can imagine, will put just a wee bit more pressure on one Matt Saracen.

Katie and Joe will be introduced in the first two episodes of the third season, which premieres Oct. 1 on DirecTV. NBC unspools the new episodes starting in late February/early March 2009.

Someone pinch me - Janine Turner?! And TVGuide.com celebrity blogger D.W. Moffett? - Matt Mitovich

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