Dermot Mulroney by Gary Miereanu/Warner Bros. Animation, Green Lantern courtesy Warner Bros. Animation
Following visits by Superman, Green Arrow and the Flash earlier this fall, Green Lantern is the next super-friend to guest-star on the CW's Saturday-morning serial The Batman. Dermot Mulroney ( My Best Friend's Wedding) will voice the hero who shows up in the Dec. 8 episode to enlist the Caped Crusader's help in battling arch-nemesis Sinestro.

Mulroney has deep ties to these superheroes. His brother and sister-in-law, Kieran and Michelle Mulroney, penned the upcoming live-action film Justice League of America, which includes Batman and Green Lantern. "Kieran and I grew up reading DC Comics," Mulroney says. "We had a whole system where, once a week, we'd take a trip to the little store that sold the comics. I have a couple of brothers, and we'd fight over who got which issue. There's a long history of comics in the family."

There are many different Green Lanterns in comic lore, but the version Mulroney plays is perhaps the most iconic: test pilot Hal Jordan, who has a somewhat uneasy relationship with the Bat. "I really liked the dynamic between them," Mulroney says. "They're fighting for the same cause, but there are some personality conflicts. That was a fun part to play." - Rich Sands