It's been a while since NBC's Ed hinted at sparks between bowling-alley lawyer Ed (Tom Cavanagh) and full-figured schoolmarm Molly (Lesley Boone) — but boosters of the quirky duo just won't stop asking when they'll hook up!

Molly's most recent amatory prospect dried up when actor David Eigenberg — who played her book-club buddy, Jeff — left the show for a full-time gig as Miranda's bartender beau on Sex and the City. So why couldn't this funny, fabulous lady explore the natural chemistry she shares with Cavanagh's Ed? Well, Boone herself has hinted that common network policy pushes the series's leading man to chase thinner girls like Julie Bowen's Carol and Rena Sofer's Bonnie. Back in February, the shapely actress told TV Guide Online: "Honestly, in TV land, the classic idea is leading-man-gets-leading-pretty-woman, not her best friend."

"I don't disagree, in that that may be some kind of rule," hedges executive producer Rob Burnett. "But we've never run Ed by any kind of rules. The fact is, no characters have ended up with each other yet. We dole out the relationship currency very stingily on Ed. We're very calculated about advancing those stories very slowly — we don't want the show to become Melrose Place or Titans, where suddenly Ed's with this one and then with that one."

"There's no preconceived plan," he adds. "It's just that when the show started, Ed came back [to Stuckeyville] for Carol. She's the romantic focus. We'll have to see where it goes with Molly."

Just so we're clear: Molly's weight isn't considered a barrier between her and the blue-eyed bowling aficionado? "Honestly, I'm not trying to be coy," Burnett says. "I don't think it's an issue. I think Molly's great and I think there's every possibility we could continue with that [story]." Well folks, stay tuned...