Lonely singles, take shelter! All Over The Guy director Julie Davis is back to tell more tales of dating disaster. She mined her own misery for Amy's Orgasm — in limited release this Friday — a comedy starring herself as a lonely self-help guru. It's rated R, but hey, what's with that X-rated title?

"It's funny," Davis tells TV Guide Online. "The original title was Why Love Doesn't Work, which is the title of Amy's self-help book. But when I was trying to sell the movie, distributors didn't like the name." Worried, the auteur sought sage advice from MGM mogul Samuel Goldwyn, who bought her first film, 1998's I Love You, Don't Touch Me!

Laughing, Davis recalls: "[Goldwyn] said he thought it needed a catchy title — because it didn't have any stars and there was no reason for people to go see it. So he told me I should put the word 'orgasm' in it. He was so harsh, I thought somebody had knocked me across the room.

"But I thought about it," she adds pragmatically, "and there was such a furor over the title that the movie sold out every night at the Santa Barbara Film Festival. I was so against it at first, but it's totally grown on me. Now, I think it's a brilliant, intellectual title and I've totally fooled myself!"

Davis — now a happily-married mom — says the fantasy-prone Amy "is who I was. It was so completely autobiographical at the time I wrote it, it's shameful." And so what if "Amy" employs a sex toy when male companionship is scarce? "It's a cliché that women don't desire sex the way men do," Davis asserts. "But Amy's not out to have a great one-night stand. She wants great sex with someone she loves."